We are having problems with MacSchool 5x running through "Classic" on OS
10.3x. When we start the Shell and the program freezes. The mac os x
system.log logs "Classic[480]: Second call to PBLockRangeSync returned error
-45." If we force quit the app and restart it works fine!

We are running NW 6.5 sp1 and have installed AFPTCP.nlm from 65afp112.exe.
I know the TID 2968521 "AFPTCP update for NW 6.5" mentions MacSchool in
DEFECT000354770. Which says a file locking issues has been resolved. But in
TID 10088923 last modified on Mar 23 (after the date of the patch), that
says that the fix "has been reported to engineering."

Is there any update on when/if this will be resolved?

If not I will have to move the databases to our xserve, which I really don't
want to do!


Clark Fountain
Holland Public Schools