Netware 6.0 SP3 AFP 1.2.6, mac osx

We have an in-design file and it's backup which we can neither open
nor delete. When we try to delete them with a Mac we get the error
"file is in use". When we try to delete them with a PC we get no error
and it 'appears' to go away but if you refresh your directory display in
windows, the file is still there. We get the same "file is in use by
another user" error when we try to open the file using in-design.

Using a PC and examining the file properties, the files do not show
'read only' or any other attribute which would keep us from deleting.
We've seen this problem with other files from time to time but always it
turned out the file was 'locked' on a Mac when it got copied up which
Novell interprets as 'read only'. In any case, we've been able to fix
the problem by marking the file read-write and then we could delete or
open it. This time that won't help since it's not read-only.

If I go to monitor on the server console and look at files, this file is
not in use by any connection anywhere.

Any ideas on what causes this and what I can do about it? I hate to
bounce the server when I have no clear indication that doing so will fix
a thing.