Trying to install NFAP-Mac on a NW5.1 SP6 box - the last server that needs
it. Installation on every other server has been successful.

The install fails with a fatal error - "incompatible object ar" as found in
the ni.log file.

Searching the KB for "incompatible object ar" points to TID 10073336 that
implies (I think) removing NFAP from ALL servers before this one can be
fixed. NFAP-Mac has not been installed on the server in question - the TID
suggests that it needs to be manually removed.

Anyone familiar with this problem that can shed some light on it for me.
Obviously, the thought of manually removing NFAP-Mac on 6+ servers is not
my idea of a fun day's work.

Rich Molettiere
Technology Coordinator
North High School
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