We have 4 new NW6.5 servers we just installed. They are fully patched
and are running the newest version of afptcp.nlm. We have enabled
universal password.

From a Windows machine or a Mac, we can change passwords just fine.
Universal password works great and keeps the NDS and simple password
in sync.

The problem we are having is the prompt to change password. In Netware
we have the boxed checked that says the user must change their
password upon login and they have 2 grace logins.

When logging in on a Windows machine, users are prompted to change
their password and are given the warning about the number of grace
logins. On a Mac though, the prompt never appears. A Mac user can
login as many times as they want without changing their password. Is
prompt to change password not supported on the Mac side? If it is, how
do I make it work?