Okay, we are told this should be very easy to do, especially if one
follows the directions over at macosxlabs.org. But it's not working for us.

We want to integrate Panther with edirectory so that users authenicate
to the netware 6.5sp1a server and get their home drive from the server.
Authentication seems to be working fine, but we cannot get the home
directory to map.

One of the issues we are having is that the directions on masosxlabs.org
seem to be for Jaguar (10.2) and not Panther. There are some changes
with Panther. We imported the Panther ldif file to update the schema
and there are some significant differences. For one, there is no longer
an apple-mount extension to apply to the afp server.

It took a few days to find this but there is a mount object that gets
imported by this ldif. I set that up but, again, the directions do not
match. I did my best to map the values in the directions to similar
values in console one for the mount object (which I think replaces the
afp server mount object). Then followed suit in Directory Access.

Now our Apple support rep told us to follow the directions on macosxlabs
and then later racanted stating the those directions are for
administering user accounts and such via OS X. He claims that we need
to only map 5 attributes in Directory Access. I guess the attribute
that is elluding us is what to map the home directory too.

As I said, we can authenticate to the edirectory, but we do not get a
desktop. Instead, we get a shell which we must authenticate to again
and then it states that the home directory could not be found.

If anyone could provide assistance or a link to more information we
would be much obliged.