Hi, I have NW 6.0 SP5 server with CIFS and NFS installed.
Cifs works, but I'm unable to setup NFS. When I start nfsstart.ncf I got
errors like:
INIXLib: InitNDSILib Failed. Error code 9600.
Error unloading killed loadable module NDSILIB.NLM and UNIXLIB.NLM

First I did not hawe NFA* objects, I tried load schinst -n but I always got
Error:95:2004-7-13 09:35:10 : Could not add the object :
..CN=NFAUUser.OU=Servis.O=ARNE You need to check the NIS Administrator
Context Error Code : -613.

Then I tried DSrepair - no errors (NDS 10551.03 - 8.7.3 SMP).

There is a thread dated 17 Oct 2003 08:06:37 GMT with similar subject
"nfsstart "won't"" - but no resolution...
Can somebody help me?