"This update to the Novell Client for Windows includes support for the new Case 89 NCP clients. This lets it take file and directory names which come to it (in Unicode) and send them to the file server without first mapping them to the client's local code page. This lets the Windows client support different code pages and fonts; the local file system as well as the CIFS protocol already support this feature. Note that there is a switch to turn on Case 89 support and it is turned off by default to preserve current behavior for customers that aren't seeing problems. This is designed to be backward compatible in that it will use the older Case 87 NCPs when talking to servers that don't support Case 89."
This resolves problems where maybe a Mac machine saves a file with the "Option+8" Character (Currently when viewing a directory that contains a file with UTF8 Characters on the NOVELL CLIENT machine, then ENTIRE DIRECTORY CONTENTS are BLANK--Because of the lack of support for UTF8, until NOW!). So whoever has problems with this, consider updating your server:
"This update to the Novell Client 4.9 SP2 also requires that NetWare 6.5 SP2 be running on the server."