I'm a novice about NFS and Unix environments - used mostly Netware.
Currently our SUN group manages our web pages for our students. We wish to
make those pages accessible to Windows machines through a mapped drive as
well as through the web (I wish I could just use Ifolder, but apparently I
can't for web). We'd like the SUN group to still manage the service. I
was thinking that NFS Gateway would be a solution. We already have the
product, but don't use it currently. I'd like to be able to host the files
through NSS and make it accessible to our Unix servers to do the actual
serving of the pages on the web. We are going to SUN One Directory for
management of Mail and Student Portal (Luminus) and the SUN guys do not
want to use NIS on the network anymore. Some of my confusion stems from
the fact that it appears NFAP for Unix is availiable already with Netware 6
and 6.5. It appears that it wants to use NIS. However, NFS Gateway does
not really mention NIS in any great detail. What is the difference between
the two? Is NFS Gateway the product I should use? Is their a way to
accomplish this without NIS?

Thanks for any assitance!

Jeremy Scot
Valdosta State University