Testing out using CIFS to provide new XP desktops & W2K3 Servers access to
NW Files but file copies are proving to be a real problem.

New NW6.5 SP1 NDS 873 install IP only environment, also have a NW 5.1
Server with NFA.

From a Windows 2003 server I cannot copy a shared directory to the NW 6.5
based NFA not so to the NW 5.1 based. Under NW 6.5 I first need to create
a new directory with the same name, then copy the contents.


File copies from user profile directories are extreamly hit & miss. Some
files copy, some don't. Those that don't fail with an Invalid MS-DOS
Function. Failed files can be opened and closed ok. They copy to a local
drive ok, but even then they cannot be copied to the NFA directory. The
only way to get them there is to open and Save as.

Happens to various file types, txt, doc, xls, Visio, Access.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.