Hi all,

I am having great difficulty logging onto a netware 6.5 box from any mac.
I ahve just upgraded out 2 5.1 server to 6.5 and thought it was an
instant connection to the mac world but how wrong I was.

I am trying to connect by smb://server ip address and then putting in
username and password of a new test user I have set up but am getting no
where. I get the error "an error has occurred (error = -36)" or I get
error -5023 also.

One strange thing I have noticed is that when I enter in the path
smb://server ip address and click connect and select the volume, it says
enter the username and password for server-name-W:. I dont know where it
is getting the -W at the end of the servername or if that may be some of
my problem?

Any help would be great as I am in great need of it at this stage