I want to have htdocs on the Netware Box and apache on the linux box. I understand that I can simply export the volume and path of the htdocs on the netware box and do an nfs mount on the linux box.

I have xnfs running on the netware box. The entry in the exports file reads
/apps -rw=linuxweb.loganutah.org -root

The command on the linux box I use to attempt a mount is
mount loganfp1:apps /apps
Loganfp1 is the hostname of the Netware box.

The linux box returns the error
mount: loganfp1:apps failed, reason give by server: Permission denied

Who is denying permission to who? What am missing.
I am new at this nfs mount thing. Dont assume I have done anything more than I have stated.

Doyle Collings
Network Administrator
City of Logan