I've got a big problem with NSS (3.03 build 656 MP) and MM (3.02.01 NSS3c
patch) on a Netware 6SP3 (dual processor) with a RAID5 1To drive.
I've got a corrupted file on a NSS volume, and if I try to get information
on it I have a server pop-up broadcasting "user data write" and then a
How it happened : a windows 2000 user with a 4.90 (with a 4.83sp2 it
happened too) client has saved a big directory with a lot of huge tiff
file on the server. As a result some tiff file appeared to be corrupted.
It's impossible to get a backup as TSAFS (or TSA600) failed with a volume
and drive deactivation. The only trick is to delete the defective
directory (crossing my finger) in dos mode and ask user to copy it again
in a step by step way.
The volume is mounted with NFS, WINDOWS and MACINTOSH namespaces. As I
checked with TSA debug option, I've found that the problem is in MACINTOSH
namespace (0x4e53 error).
For my point of view as it's the second time it has happened in 5 month
and in the same context (a big directory containing a lot of tiff file
saved in 1 click) I would like to get a feedback.