I just very recently upgraded my NW 6.0 server to NW 6.5 and found a couple of issues with my NFS mounts.

First, the exports listed in EXPORTS are now case sensitive. Furthermore, the NFS namespace does not necessarily match the long name space shown in Windows. For example, servername\data:FOLDER on windows may appear as servername\data:folder in NFS. To verify, check the properties of the folder in NWADMIN. Until I corrected the character case, my exports were not showing up on my Linux hosts.

Once I mount a NFS directory on my Netware 6.5 server, I cannot use a exportfs -u command to remove the mount on Linux. For example, I exectute the following to create a mount:
mount /mnt/co

The mount shows up as the following after typing "mount" from the CLI: on /mnt/co type nfs (rw,addr=

When I try to remove the mount using the command below, the mount 0still shows up as shown in the last mount command:
exportfs -u

If I do a "umount -a", the mount will successfully diconnect.

My knowledge of Linux is very limited, but this process worked fine on my NW 6.0 server.

Jeffrey Hale, MCNE, MCSE