I have a Netware 6.5 SP 1.1B Server with NSS Volumes. I turned on
Universal Passwords for the container that contains my Mac users. I then
enabled AFP by running AFPSTRT on the Server Console. I added the Full
Context in the file ctxs.cfg and cifsctxs.cfg and I cannot login from the
Mac. I am able to see the server but I have problems logging in. I
checked the AFPTCP.LOG file and this is what I get

Thu Jul 29 10:36:55 2004
: Thread ID = 274, InitAuthentication: RegOpenKeyEx 'Appliance' failed
1073741838 <4000000e>
Thu Jul 29 10:36:55 2004
: Thread ID = 274, Using Mac Code Page <Roman>

This is my first time working with NMAS so I have very limited knowledge of
how it should work.