We will be upgrading our first NW5.1 server on Monday evening to NW6.5;
based on some very recent testing, I'm thinking we need to implement
universal password off the bat.

However, our Mac users (and handful of quasi-supported Linux users) will
likely have problems immediately.

In my test lab, the JRBUtil setpword with the /mns (or /msn) flag claims
to set both the NDS and simple password with UP enabled, but we found that
this is *NOT* the case. Setting passwords this way, even an NWC4.9 login
fails, although a NWC4.83 login succeeds.

Setting passwords via iManager or Consoleone 1.3.6c also didn't appear to
work. If I used setpword on NWC4.83, then log into a NWC4.9 client, the
simple password was sync'd (as advertised), and the user could log into
the NW6.5SP2 test server w/no problems.

Unfortunately, this issue was uncovered yesterday.

Are there any utilities outside of the JRBUtils (or is there an additional
flag?) that will reliably set both the NDS and simple password while UP is

Testing has been preempted by several unavoidable events, we're already at
the wire for getting this running in our academic environment, so any
suggestions/direction would be greatly appreciated!

Alan Weitzsacker
Canisius College, Buffalo, NY'