I have followed the Universal Password Deployment Guide and turned on
the Universal Password for my organization container (using iManager running
on server S9). I guess that the server where iManager is running does not matter
and that UP should be on now. It shows "Current setting: enabled, Synchronize
with simple password: Enabled" for this container in iManager.

Now, on another server (S4), I modify AFPSTRT.NCF to remove the CLEARTEXT option. Then I

Then on a Mac, I try a login. I see that it's no longer in cleartext mode, however
I can only login using accounts which I logged into, when the CLEARTEXT option was there.
Looks like AFP is not using the UP.

Do I have other steps to do, like rebooting my S4 server?

Finally: was someone really successful, being able to login with a UP and not
a simple password, from a Mac?


Marc Delisle