I have upgraded my NW 6.5 server with SP2. Now my Mac users have been unable
to login. To be honest, I am not totally sure this is a result of SP2 since
this is a relatively new deployment. When I created my accounts with
ConsoleOne originally, I set both an NDS password and a simple password to
the same value, rather than using the cleartext option with AFPTCP.

Prior to SP2, I do know that I have been able to login fine as well as at
least one other Mac user was able to login (different context). The other
user has left and her account has been deleted so I can't test it now.

When a Mac user attempts to login using OS X 10.3 they get an error as
Login failed
Sorry, the password you entered is incorrect. Please reenter it.

The users are only able to login after I load AFPTCP with the cleartext
option. With AFPTCP cleartext loaded and a Mac user attempts to change their
password the get the following error.

Change Password Failed
Your password could not be changed. Please try again or contact your server

To try and remedy the problem, I used iManager to enable the Universal
Password following the 'Deploying Universal Password" guide but the problem
persists. I have not rebooted the server but plan to try this in the morning
to see if the issue is resolved.

In googling, it seems that several other people have seen similar problems.

Any ideas or solutions?

Cletus Stripling