I donīt know where to post thos but I hope somebody have an idea.

I have several old stations here using DOS clients pushing files wit IPX
to NW5.1 SP7 servers. I try to let them save their information with IP
to my cluster (NW6 SP4) and this works fine. The problem is the
information that this clients collect are very important. When I use the
old IPX connection and pull the network calbe out of the station it
realize in the same moment that it canīt connect to the server and start
caching the information on HDD. When the connection is established again
it pusch all collected information to the server.
When I using the IP disc and redo the situation and pull the network
cable out of the station, the station donīt realize. After several
seconds (up to 20) it seems that the client recognize that it is
impossible to write to the server and start also caching. But all
information that the client have tried to send when I pull the network
cable are lost.
I think the client use UDP for sending the information out. Now my question:

Is there a chance to tell the DOS client to use only TCP connections? or
maybe I am completle wrong and the error is something else. If you have
an idea please answer.