Hi all,

I know that NMAS stands for NetWare Modular Authenticity Service and has something to do with single sign-on, but I
definitely don't understand all of its components are where and how they fit together.

Some months ago we were running into a problem where certain individuals were getting the wrong password change prompt.
We use a product from NetVision called NVIdentity (formerly Synchronicity) to keep all passwords synchronized, and
discovered that we had to disable NMAS in client 4.9 on an XP box to resolve this issue. We also had some client speed
issues and access during odd times issues that disabling NMAS at the client seemed to resolve. Of course, appearances
can be deceiving, so I don't know for sure about this.

Now, as I troubleshoot NFAP, I discover that I am using NMAS logging to watch wat is happening, and I am beginning to
wonder if disabling NMAS at the Novell client may cause difficulty in using CIFS access to NetWare files. Is there any
connection that I need to be aware of?

Thanks for any explanation you can give me.