We recently upgraded to NW 6.5 from NW 6 using the 6.5 SP2 overlay CD. The
volume is an NSS volume. We are using AFPTCP to access the server from the
Macintosh computers. We had had problems with creating folders on the
server. The folder does not show up and the user receives an error message
showing an error. The folder does not show up on the server but we can not
create a new folder from either the Macintosh or a Windows computer with the
same name as the folder we tried to create before. The folder we tried to
create these folders in can not be deleted, we get error messages related to
folder is not empty, but there is nothing in it. It seems like the system
is trying to create an entry in the directory table for this folder, but it
does not actually complete it and thus corrupts the directory table. Has
anyone else found this to be a problem? Any ideas?

Thank you