I recently re-did our Novell 5.1 server and changed it to NW6.5 and NW6.0 I
started with a fresh new install, new tree, etc. I have one NW6.5 and one
NW6 on the tree. I have installed simple passwords.

Now when the teachers came back to school to prepare for classes, I had my
first surprise. Some of the teachers cannot login from a Mac (OS9 - have
not tested the OS X), but they can login from a PC. On the other hand some
of the school adminstrators, myself as sysadmin and one of the teacher
accounts CAN login from the Macs

I am baffled by this. Where can I look to troubleshoot what is happening?
Has anyone else had similar things happen.

Joe Guenther
= = = = = = = =
LANtech - Didsbury
Chinook's Edge School Div.