I must be missing something, and I think it's something simple. I have an
installation of NSBS 6.5. One server, running CIFS. I have universal
password enabled on both the root container and the current container. I've
setup a share with appropriate file rights, but users still can't login to
the server using CIFS. So I tried to set simple passwords even though I
already enabled UP, iManager says I can't set the simples because UP is on.
So I guess that means UP should be working. Every TID I've found basically
says "make sure simple passwords are set". When I click on the server
though "My Network Places", I just get the windows login screen again and
again no matter what user I try to login with. The users all list both NDS
and Windows NFA under authorized login sequences, but I have it set to "no
restrictions" anyway. All the users are in the same container as the server
if that matters. I don't know what else to check. Please help me out.

- Anthony