This problem is on Netware 6.5 sp2, Edir

It seems similar to the problem addressed in TID10066268, but that is for

Here are the details of the problem. A group has all but supervisor and
access control rights to a shared directory on the server. Some of the
users are on Mac OS 9.x and access via AFPTCP.nlm, the rest are on Windows
XP and access via Netware Client 4.9.2. After an administrator moved some
files into this directory using Mac OS X through AFPTCP, Windows users can
not longer see (scan) files in the directory, but the Mac users can.
Sub-directories are all fine. Windows users can open files if they manually
enter the name in the application, so read/write is working. This also
affects administrators using Windows. The files do not appear in Console1
(Windows) for administrator, but do appear in Console1 on the server. Also,
at the server console the edit utility does not see the files, but the
monitor/open-lock utility does.