I'm almost 100% sure I'm doing this right, but I need help on how to check.
I have a NW 6.5sp2 server, just one, containing the only partition. I'm
running CIFS. If I set a simple password for a user, the user can login to
the windows share without a problem. If I turn on universal password for
the container (server and user are in the same container) and set "synch
with simple password", the user can no longer login. DSTRACE on NMAS shows
me error -1642, If I change the password via iManager it still doesn't
work. iManager won't let me set a simple password because Universal
Password is enabled. If I go into C1, I can still set the simple password
(or at least I don't get any message or error when I try). But it changes
nothing, I still can't sign in, and get error: -1642 in the log. I'm
thinking that for some reason Universal Password isn't synching with the
simple password. I really don't know how to check this though. Can anyone
help me out, or point me a good direction?

- Anthony

NW 6.5sp2
NMAS 2.3.4
login via win XP sp1
C1 1.3.6c