We have a Netware 6.5 SP2 edir 8.732 Server with 2x P4 2.8 GHz Xeon
processor (HT=Off), 5,5Gb Ram, 1Tb HD... Client File caching = off and
Level 2 oplocks = off. There are over 300 Apple OS-X-3.5 clients and 250
Windows clients connected to this server.

The problem is that every day the server hangs on AFP Worker thread. The
utilization remains 72% on processor 0 and 0% on processor 1. Windows
clients can access the server correctly but Apple OS-X 3.5 client
connection is hopeless. The only way to correct the problem is by pull the
powerplug of the server (typing "Down" or "Reset Server" takes for ever to
get the server restarted).

Can anyone tell or write how we can correct this problem???

Koen Hillen
Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht