I had run into the problem of users having to manually mount a server other
than that of the one holding their home directory in OS X if they wanted to
access another server.

If you are using Apple's Workgroup Manager, it is possible to more or less
set a login policy of items to appear; one of them being a server, and using
the user's name and password.

Here is the info that I ran across. Hope it helps. Any questions, fire
away :)

When users login via LDAP to an OS X machine, they will automatically
connect to the server that has their home directory. If they wish to user
another volume or another server, they typically had to log into the server
again via the Connect to Server Application.

However, using Apple's workgroup manager in conjunction with Novell
eDirectory allows for the Mac Server to provide security to the users and
have a managed client setting. To set users to automatically mount another
volume or another server, here is what needs to be done:

Setup the client and server as specified in this previous Cool Solution

Once the MCXSettings have been setup, open workgroup Manager on the OS X
server, and select the user that you wish to apply the settings to.

Click on the Preferences button on the top menu bar.

Click on the Login icon from the list of options to specify what to run at

Mount the server / volume to your desktop.

Drag the server into the window; making sure that the "Manage Settings"
option is set to always.

Finally, click the check box to "mount with user's name and password"

Repeat for each server / volume needed.

In addition, servers can be mounted, but hidden so that the user cannot see
it. This may aid in reducing confusion to users. Once the server has been
mounted, it is possible to create a link to the folder on the server that
users will need access to.


Randy Saeks
Support Technician
Glenbrook North High School