I have installed NW65sp2 and like to share a volume to my UNIX boxes
wiht read only access in a subnet and amount them some hosts need
rw+root access. so I use:

xnfs share /vol1 -ro=@192.168.1 -rw= -root=

I have error got following error:
"Invalid/conflicting export options or access list for /vol1"

According to NW65 nfs manual:

When you repeat the same entries with multiple options, then the later
option overrides the previous option.

For example, in

/nssvol -ro=host1 -rw=host1

--end Quote--

So, what's wrong with my share command? Or how can I to achieve my

BTW, when will NW65's NFS support hardlink? I have got lots of trouble
when moving user's home to NW65's NFS share, besides redirecting all X,
Gnome's, KDS's variable in all UNIX boxes, I have to recompile "pine",
"imap", to reduce the file locking timeout time, so user can use those
tools to access their personal mail folder. I don't even know what are
other hiddent problems when a NFS not supporting hardlink. I have to
cross my fingers everyday that no user will come to me and said this or
that application is not working.