We have Netware 6.0 running NFAP to support our Mac OS X (10.2.x and
10.3.x) workstations attaching to the Netware volumes via AFP/TCP.

MS Office 2004 reports that "too many files are open" when attempting to
save a document to a Netware volume. A new docuemnt successfully saves one
time to the Netware volume, but after making any changes the file cannot be
saved unless it is renamed.

I have tested this behavior against a Mac server, a Windows 2000 server
(running File Services for Macintosh), and a Netware 6.5 server (running
NFAP) - the issue only occurs on the Netware 6.0 servers.

If anyone can help me troubleshoot this I really appreciate it. I am not
the server administrator, but I can get answers to questions from him.

thanks tons

David Summers
University of Idaho ITS
Student Computing Labs