Installed Native File Access Pack on Netware 5.1 server w/Service pack 7.
e-Directory 8.73, and NFA 5.1 w/service pack 4. I followed all prereqs
that were required for both 8.73 and NFA 5.1. NFS services start and root
is mapped to default user created during installation.

I had at one time a NFS 3.0 version running on another Novell server, it
ran the NFS exports in independant mode. I would like to do the same with
NFA 5.1 running on another Netware 5.1 box but have had no sucess. Listed
below is how I used to config a export setup by NFS 3.0.

NFA 3.0
* From Console 1 I would create an export, assign a trusted unix box with
Root and RW access, and other unix trusted pc's with RW access.
* I would then proceed to the root trusted unix pc and setup the rights
for the export using (chmod, chown, and chgrp).
* Users of the other trusted boxes with RW rights could see the export
share and add data to it.

My problem is that with NFA 5.1 I can see the export path from unix but am
denied access even with root privilages from Novell. Did I miss somthing?

Please advise soonest. Thanks