I just ran into a problem last night involving AFP on Netware 6.5 sp2 &
long file names (greater than 31 characters).

I can create files with long file names on Netware 6.5 sp2 servers
using the Finder from a Mac. Also, various other applications (TextEdit
for instance) can open and save files with long names on a Netware
server without any problem.

However, certain apps (all Office 2004 apps, Office X Apps, Adobe
Photoshop 7) cannot open or save documents with more than 31 characters
to an AFP volume on a nw65sp2 server. Trying to open or a save a file
with >31 character name results in various errors -- "file not found",
"file read only", "file cannot be located".

At first I thought this was an application problem....but I verified
that both MS Office X & 2004 for Mac apps and Adobe Photoshop 7 exhibit
the same behavior.

Then I connected to a Mac OS X 10.3 server we have.....all the apps
that had problems with long file names on the nw65sp2 server worked
fine saving documents there.

Any thoughts? Anyone seen this? The problem is completely reproducible
on my end so I'm hoping/expecting someone else can verify it.


As this is a pretty specific problem, I may open a problem with Novell
(have some left on our 10 problem pack) but thought I'd post here first
to see if anyone else had seen the problem and/or could replicate it.