I have an application that fails to save the file properly. You can
open a file, edit the file, save it once, make another edit, but when
you click save the second time the application returns that the file may
have been corrupted. The application does not save the second change,
and writes a temp file instead. The files are on a NW6.5sp1a server
running CIFS.NLM v3.20 (5-26-04).

This happened after XPxp2. I have workstations still on win2k who work
fine. The PC's that got XPsp2 exhibit this problem.

I copied a few of the files to an actual Win2003 server and there is no
problem saving the files. I tried on a fresh NW6.5sp2 server and got
the same issue.

I don't know where to start looking for the problem. Help!?!?!