NetWare 6.0 SP5 server is running CIFS and file access from Windows 2000/XP
Pro workstations & Windows NT 4.0/2000 servers works just fine.

When Windows 2003 Server maps a drive to CIFS share, it can read data but
not write back. For example opening a Excel file has no problems but after
making changes to the file and trying to save it back the errors begin.
Error behaviour varies from software to software:
- Office products (Word, Excel) cannot write to CIFS and hang when trying to
do that
- Notepad cannot write at all, just after giving a name to new file Notepad
asks for the file name again and won't continue
- copy con test is supposed to write the file (1 files copied) but no files
show on the CIFS share directory

The problem is severe because Windows 2003 server is providing Citrix
Metaframe & terminal services and remote users won't be able to update their
file on a NetWare 6.0 server.

Any tips are greatly appriciated!

Kind regards, Harri