Upgraded from 6.0 to 6.5 over the summer. Applied SP2. Started
getting our Macs online using AFP. Everything seemed to be working
until you try to modify a file that is located on the NetWare server
from a Mac client. When you try to modify or rename a file, the server
will abend on AFP. Back reved to the AFP from 6.0 SP4 and things are
working fine. Is this a known issue for the AFP in 6.5 SP2?

Another issues deals with the Universal Password. I have this set for
our teachers and students. The teachers are able to login fine,
students on the other hand, receive an error about an incorrect
password. I have double checked that Universal Password is enabled for
the student containers. Why will it work for the teacher container,
and not the student containers?


Chris Gotstein
Fox Point - Bayside SD