this probably isn't the best place to ask this question, but here it goes
anyways. i was running nfs gateway v3 on netware 6sp3 and mounting volumes
to a linux box. everything was working fine, i could read & write to the
volume. i then put support pack 5 on over the summer and it said i had to
do an update to make nfs work with it. i did, i put nfsgysp1 on and it now
mounts the volume. the problem is that i can't write to the volume anymore,
i can only read.

my exports file has my user who is the owner of the directory i'm exporting,
nothing changed there. my gystart.ncf hasn't changed either, both are listed
below. anyone have any ideas?

/var/www/html messerjg (rw)

nfsgy -shadowvolume VOL041:
LOAD gymount.nlm WEB /var/www/html -mountUID 509 -mountGid
100 -anonUID 509 -anonGid 100 -readWrite

Josh Messerschmitt