I have updated the (LSMAFP.nlm.lmo) on the development server which is
slightly different from our production server:

Devlopment server eDir 8.73, Production eDir 8.30
Delvopment Server consoleone 1.3.6, Production consoleone 1.3.5

The reason for the difference is that the install of eDir 8.73 did not go

When I try to update the (LSMAFP.nlm.lmo) file on the production server
using consoleone 1.3.5 I receive this error:

"The number stored in the directory does not match the method number in
the configuration file."

When I use a copy of consoleone 1.3.6 from the development server I don't
get this error.

Why is this so, is there a snapin that needs to be copied into console
1.3.5, will using consoleone 1.3.6 to update the (LSMAFP.nlm.lmo) file on
a server that only has 1.3.5 installed affect the server or damage the
production tree.