OS9.2 Photoshop 5.5, Novell Netware 6.5 sp1.1, NSS 3.20 Nov 20 2003,
edir Adobe can not scan and save a file directly to a drive
mounted on the server when logged in as a particular user (receives a
non-descript message that says "disk error"). Same error occurs if
saving to another server (NW6.0 sp3). No error if she saves locally.

The exact same operation will work if we login from the same Mac as
someone with network admin rights. So I'm thinking 'rights'.

However, that same user when logged in as herself, can copy a file up
to the server location in question from the desk top of the OS9 unit,
and She can login from a PC and create, delete and modify files in the
same area. Using OS9 the same user can also save new files to that
particular location using Word. And using OS10, photoshop 8.0 the same
user can scan and save a file to the server. So it's not rights.

The problem appears to be an incorrectly reported error by OS9 and the
5.5 photoshop application. When we receive the error we do get some
kind of file out there but the format is totally unrecognizable and the
file is useless.

User is unsure just when this problem started perhaps a month ago but we
didn't have any maintenance associated with the suspected time frame.

I've trashed the preferences, rebuilt the desktop...Any other thoughts?