Hi all,

I'm setting up a test environment at the moment - trying to use NFA to
provide NIS for UNIX clients.
Our Novell server is NW6.5 SP1.

I've migrated some NIS data successfully. I can see user and group objects
created under the <NIS_Domain>_U and <NIS_Domain>_G containers.

From the UNIX client I can ypcat all the NIS maps and obtain the correct
information - except for the passwd and group maps. I suspect because of
this I cannot authenticate or query and NIS users. (ie the cmd 'id
username' returns name not found).

If I use ldap to authenticate on the UNIX client - no problem - can log in
and change passwords etc. But if I set up the client to authenticate using
NIS - no go.

Am I missing something? Anyone got any advice? Should the passwd/group maps
normally be empty?
I've checked and rechecked my NFS.CFG and NIS.CFG and nsswitch.conf etc.
I went thru the procedures in TID10071900 to manually populate passwod maps
without valid passwd file - still the passwd map is empty.

Any advice greatly appreciated.