We are experiencing a problem with Windows 2000 workstations
authenticating to our clustered NetWare 6.0 servers using CIFS. The
servers have SP5 and eDir installed and CIFS is setup using
Workgroup authentication.

When the local ID on the workstation is the same as the eDir ID (Simple
password) and the passwords are different, the user is prompted for an ID
and password, which is to be expected. However, when the user name and
password are entered to login, the connection is refused with
the “Incorrect password or unknown username for:” message.

This does not happen to all connection using IDs in the same context, just
a few of them. Passwords have been reset using ConsoleOne, CIFS has been
stopped and started, CIFS configuration has been redefined, but the
problem persists

Is this a Windows client issue, or a CIFS NFAP issue? Does anyone know
what the dependencies might be using Windows clients in this scenario?

If anyone can shed some light on the problem I am having it would be
greatly appreciated.