The following was a tech support issue opened with Jackson Software.

In short the issue involves making an auto-backup file (GQ v9 OSX/9 version) when one already

Any thoughts or heads up if you were planning on purchasing?
Wayne Aaron
Savannah Country Day School

Jackson Tech support thread:

Yes. *Deleting the backup would work. *There also may be some Novell
settings that could be changed to alleviate the problem, but you would need
to contact Novell about that.
Jackson Software Tech Support

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We do use Novell. If I understand this correctly the only way to get a
backup to work is to have the user delete the .bak file before they begin
working on the document?

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-36 relates to an I/O problem on your network and not the failure of
GradeQuick. *When GradeQuick updates the backup, it needs to first delete
the existing backup file. *However, if your network is holding the file open
(because it is still in the process of being deleted), GradeQuick will not
be able to create a new backup file. *This can be more of a problem on
systems using Novell as Novell handles these operations a bit differently
than other networks.
Jackson Software Tech Support
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