If we implement the new pdc on netware functionality.

Does this mean that we don't have to create local user accounts on the
Windows workstation anymore. (some pc's doesn't use zenworks)
See info below from the updated documentation (netware 6.5 sp2)



New Primary Domain Controller on NetWare® functionality provides the
capability to make a Novell® CIFS server a Windows NT 4 style Primary
Domain Controller (PDC) in a network running the Microsoft CIFS protocol.
While acting as a PDC, a Novell CIFS server will replace and become the
Primary Domain Controller in a CIFS network. There are three main
advantages of this new functionality:

Instead of having to create separate Microsoft domain and eDirectoryTM
user accounts (as was previously the case), user accounts now need to be
created only once in eDirectory.
· The other CIFS workstations and CIFS servers in the network will
function as if they were part of an NT4 domain.
· All CIFS clients will authenticate to a Novell CIFS server using