I have tested the new NT domain functionality with Netware 6.5 sp2 and
Windows 2000 workstation (with the latest nss/cifs patch. I have spend
more then 20 hours to test the new features. I works great and fast. I
will use this soon for the workstation without a Netware client.


There are some issues that Novell should aware of. Maybe someone can
forward this message.

Domain Groups---This group is strictly for internal use by the domain
code. Any eDirectory groups that have been used in the domain are
automatically added as members of the Domain Groups group.

This is a group object with Netware group objects from the contexts you
have configured in de file Sys:\etc\cifsctxs.cfg. It will take 10 minutes
before you will see new Netware group objects. ** The documentation isnít
very clear about this.

Domain Users---This group is added to the local Users group of each
Windows workstation that joins the domain. All users that log in to the
domain are automatically added to this group. Every user in this group
will have the same rights as the local Users group on any workstation or
server that joins the domain.

If you remove a user from this group it wonít automatically put the user
back, but you can still login with the user object. Little bug I think.
You canít prevent users to login the domain, because everything goes

Nt40 workstation donít work with this solution. You canít make them
member of the domain. Although the workstation object is created.

If you have workstation admin rights every standard user can create the
workstation object in the domain. You donít have to be a member of the
domain admins. Security issue I thing.

You can use e-directory, but you still need a simple password or use
NMAS,. Nothing in the documentation about this issue.

Nothing about wins and wan links. Can we use PDC and BDC in a Wan.
Nothing in the documentation about this issue.

Nothing in the documentation about making a Netware group member of a
local Windows group. I works great.