We recently performed volume conversions from traditional NetWare to NSS on
one server using Portlock Scorpion V1.02. After the conversion process many
MAC files had non-usable resource forks. This required tape restoration of
these files as they became know. Note that not all of the MAC files had
this issue. Prior to the conversion all of the MAC files were usable by the

We used Scorpion for two reasons:
First was prior experience with the Portlock Storage Manager product, which
is excellent. Second, prior postings in the Novell news groups stated that
the Novell VCU did cause this issue.

We contacted Portlock, and the best we got was that there are no known
issues with Scorpion 1.02 and MAC resource forks. Further they wanted us to
send them the volume image in question (45GB size). This we have not done.

Has anyone else run into this issue? We need to convert another 20 volumes
to NSS, but have put the project on hold until we resolve the MAC fork

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.