I'm using NW65 sp2 and NFS Gateway for NW v21.00.18 July 22,2004.

I'm mounting an exported file system from an SGI Irix 6.5m OS to a Netware server. The export mounts just fine and appears as a volume to my clients.
(ie: my Unix system looks like just another netware volume).

I can mount the volume to my clients just fine and I can browse the volume from the web based console on the NW server. Everything went just great until I decided to try to backup the Unix filesystem to my Syncsort Backup Express v2.2 tape server.

I start the Backup Express GUI and I can browse the Netware Server (which is on the same server as my tape changer). I can see the Unix exported file system and can select it for backup. Everything starts out just fine and exactly when Backup Express starts to backup the data, the server completely locks up resulting in a reset button press.

I'm sure that I'm probably stretching the limits of the NFS gateway. Is there anyone else out there that's willing to give backing up a remote Unix filesystem a try? I'm curious if Arcserver, Backup Express or another backup program (running on the local server with the NFS mount) would yeild a good backup.

The reason that I'm trying this is that I have a lot of data on my SGI Unix server but a very small tape drive. I'd like to avoid having to purchase another DLT drive.

Also, I'm going to give this procedure a try with different flavors of Linux and report back.

Thanks, Brian