We've encountered a problem with Office 2004 file names longer than 31
characters with AFP-mounted volumes on NW 6.5. The Office apps won't open
or save files with names that are 32+ characters. TextEdit will open a
Word doc that with a 32+ char name just fine, and the same file renamed to
< 32 chars works fine in Word. Files with 32+ chars are greyed-out in the
File-Open dialog box in Word.

The problem is consistent regardless of the presence of an extension, with
both production and test servers, and regardless of whether Office SP1 is
installed. The problem does *not* occur when mounting a volume via
SMB/CIFS. The problem also does not occur when mounting an AFP share on
another Mac.

Production server: NW 6.5 SP1a, AFPTCP dated 17Mar04
Test server: NW 6.5 SP2, AFPTCP dated 22Oct04
Clients: Mac OS X 10.3.3-5, Office 2004 (w/ and w/o SP1)

Any ideas?

Jeremy Good, CNE
Information Systems
Eastern Mennonite University