Have had a look at the various duscussions and can't find a solution for these problems.

We have Macs, OS10.2 and 10.3 on a Novell Network 6.5sp2.

We can log into the server and drag and drop files to and from our machines to the server from
the Finder. We can open files from the server from within applications (e.g. word). However we
cannot save or update files on the server from within any application. The server returns one of
two errors, "Disk full" or "network connection lost". Neither is true. We can save the same file to
the desktop and then drag it into the server drive.

We can log into the server just fine but the Password expiry system does not work for us Mac
users. We can continue to use a password after it has expired. As soon as we log on from a
Wintel machine we immediately get a request to change our password. After this is done we can
continue to use the old password on the Macs until we use the new one once on the Mac then it
resets to the new password.

Are there any fixes for these issues?


Simon Deroles