I have a NW6.5Sp1.1 server with CIFS enabled. I am using Universal
Password on the container that the server resides as well as the users
who will be connecting. I've got the search containers set up in the
cifstxs.txt file. The server is set up for Local Authentication.

I have a test user set up and a W2K SP4 workstation I'm trying to
connect with. I am not using client32. I also have an identical user on
the W2K machine. I will need to have CLient32 and non-Client32 users
connecting to this server.

My result is: I can search for the server and try to connect. I get a
username/pwd prompt. I enter the username/pwd and just get the
"Incorrect password or username for:" error. When I check the user
properties in C1, I do see the bad password count incriment up each
time. I even set the default login sequence for the user to Windows
Native File Access.

Any ideas?