Seems like when I set up my NW65 server with an NFS share, mount that share on a *nix machine and intentionally upload a ZIP file with a virus contained within it, Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition (on my NW65 box) doesn't bother to scan the file. I'm assuming that since it's coming in on NFS/UDP that the AV server doesn't see.

This happens not only with ZIP files but .scr .vbs, etc. Seems it doesn't scan ANY file.

If I copy the file from my PC to the Netware server, it'll catch the zip file and report it. Unfortunately, to my chagrin, it doesn't delete the file even though I've told it to.

Seems SAV doesn't understand the NFS part of file serving.

Be careful.

NW65 SP2
XNFS 1.01.11