NS65sp2, post patches on nss, afptcp...version 2.02.01 october 20...

At 9:00 am mac users just got kicked off and couldn't get back in no
matter what. No abends, nothing on logger, just like nobody was home
even though we could ping the server. PC users of course still working.

Went to unload AFPTCP and reload it but it said I still had some
connections so I said "NO". It left AFPTCP loaded but then unloaded
nfap4nrm.nlm. (which I didn't notice right away). Next time I did
AFPSTOP and let it unload AFPTCP the server just hung.

1) AFPSTOP.NCF has a bug. After the command to unload afptcp, it then
checks to see if CIFS is loaded and unloads NFAP4NRM accordingly. Ought
it not check for both in case you've bailed out of the unload on AFPTCP?
I adjusted mine but others may want to examine....

2) I'm assuming the unload of the nfap4nrm prior to the unload of afptcp
accounted for my server hang when I did go ahead and let AFPTCP unload....

3) The real question is, what caused all my macs to just get kicked off
and not beable to get back in...anyone else seen this?