Title says it all. We had to insert a static entry in to the WINS
database, but that's not a solution for a large environment like ours.
The server doesn't register at all. All settings have been reviewed by
others and are correct.

NW 6.0 SP4, Domain mode,
CIFS NLM 1.60, dated 8/24/04, the one that Brad sent me to fix an XP SP2
issue (server no longer abends in CIFS! Thanks Brad!!!:) )

We've applied the patch from TID 10085851 a long time ago, but it
doesn't seem to help any.

I really don't want to make a different name for a LAN file server just
because of this CIFS limitation. Heck, all Samba/CIFS implementations
that I'm aware of default to having the same CIFS/Samba name as the
server's DNS name. Why is the CIFS in NFAP different?