First I need to know if what I am trying to do is going to work. I
have a NetApp machine on loan for a week to test backup alternatives to
our current backup strategy.

Our current backup in one of our offices is taking over 24 hours on a
full system backup. This backup window is to long. So with that said,
I would like to have the NetApp appliance to act as another volume. I
want to be able to backup from that volume via a WIN2K server running
Netbackup. I do have a tech with a backup solutions company helping me
with this, which susposedly can be done.

I am running into an issue when I enter the gymount sys1 <ipaddress> /
I see nothing of the volume it mounts although there is data on that
volume. The size of the volume is 500GB, but with I do a DIR on the
SYS1 volume it states it is only 50GB. I not quite sure what is going
on here.

If I use the gymount sys1 <ipaddress> /APPS (which is a directory on
the volume) it will not mount the volume. It will only mount with the
foward slash.

Can anyone give me any more ideas on this?